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Ministry of Health guidelines for remote therapy

Dear therapists,

During this time, we face many challenges, including the desire to continue to provide care to our patients and their families.

Here are the Ministry of Health's guidelines for working with patients remotely (click on the title to open the protocol):

1. Video meetings in the TEAMS system

2. Secure use of ZOOM software

3. Guidelines for securing work-at-home information and using video call software

You have a simple, convenient zoom-based tool: enter a phone or email address of the patient with whom you want to start a video call. 

Using this page your information is confidential to the patient. Identify the patient and get his consent for remote therapy. The connection is made through a zoom system approved by the Ministry of Health for working with patients, the information throughout the call is not recorded.

Please make sure to contact us according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

To start a conversation, click here.

Good luck !

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