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Although it is known that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby and it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed until the age of six months, there are incidences where it is not possible. Some mothers struggle to breastfeed but their best efforts don’t work out as planned, some want to supplement their infant’s diet with formula in addition to breastfeeding and some decide not to breastfeed at all. There are many commercial brands that manufacture various kinds of formulas for babies. There are so many options and you will surely hear different recommendations from any person you consult with, so how do choose what is the best formula for your baby?


Baby formula is engineered to resemble the composition of breast milk as much as possible. These are typically made with cow's milk protein, but in some situations where babies may have specific needs - there are other options. In the following pages, you can read more about the different kind of baby formulas and when it is recommended to use them.

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