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Food absorption problems

Some children might be eating properly and have no infectious diseases, but are still losing weight or not gaining weight properly. Other reasons for this matter can result from allergies or intolerance to certain foods, that decrease the absorption ability in the digestive system.

For example, some children might suffer from intolerance or sensitivity to cow’s milk. How can you know? Your child might suffer from diarrhea and sometimes you might even notice fresh blood in his stool, in the presence of insufficient growth. The best way to treat this condition is to avoid exposure to cow’s milk and use replacements.


As you can see we have mentioned here only two common food allergies, but you can imagine that there are many more. In case your child is continuously losing weight or failing to gain weight properly, we recommend a visit at the pediatrician so that he could try and understand the reason for this and treat your child, so that it won’t affect his development in the long term.   

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