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When should we be more careful

There are a few situations in which we will avoid vaccinations:

1.      If the child suffers from an immune suppression state, you must consult a nurse or a doctor. Usually this requires avoidance of live weakened vaccines, and not attenuated.

2.      In case of known sensitivity to any of the vaccine’s component’s, or another type of severe reaction that has taken place as a reaction to the vaccine.

3.      In the case of a febrile illness – the vaccination must be postponed until the child feels better and has no fever. There is no need to postpone the vaccination in case of a mild cold or illness without fever.  

In addition to the situations mentioned above, there are a few specific warnings that are relevant only to certain vaccines. further information regarding specific precautions will be available in the following pages.  

If you wish to further your knowledge regarding situations in which you should consider safety measures prior to vaccination you are welcome to read at the Center of Disease Control (CDC) website -

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