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At this age, your child needs around 12-16 hours of sleep a day, part of it during the night and some at noon.

Try providing him with proper habits while using a small “getting to bed” ritual that includes taking a shower and brushing his teeth (not forgetting kisses and hugs), but try letting him fall asleep by himself, in his bed and not on your hands, and without using a bottle. It is recommended to avoid feeding at night, if you have already managed to accomplish a full night sleep.

Remember, you must keep a safe sleeping environment that includes a firm mattress, putting the child to sleep on his back and avoid placing soft objects in his bed that might endanger him while he sleeps.    


Last updated: May 2017

Authors - Tamar Sudry BA MED, Dr. Yair Sadaka MD Ph.D., pediatrician, Pediatric neurologist


The Israeli ministry of health 

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