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A better vaccination experience

There are a few things you can do to help make the vaccination experience less stressful for you and for your child:

1.      Take with you to the clinic a favorite toy or a blanket that has a familiar smell.

2.      During the vaccination hold your child on your arms if possible.

3.      Make eye contact with your child and smile, so that he knows that everything is alright. It is better to distract him and be playful than to be over-supportive and worried.

4.      Distractions are useful for babies as well! Distract your baby with singing, speaking, playing with a favorite object or anything that takes his mind of the vaccine.

5.      You can try breastfeeding your baby while he is receiving the vaccine. Studies showed that breastfeeding during vaccination if efficient in relieving the pain. The sweet taste, the closeness to the mother and the distraction caused by the action of sucking is calming and reassuring for the baby.

6.      If you can’t breastfeed, you may ask the nurse to sprinkle a drop of sugar solution on the pacifier or directly to your child’s mouth two minutes prior to the vaccination.

7.      If any redness or swelling appears at the area of the vaccination on the following day you can ease the area with a fresh, moist and cool wipe.

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