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Parents report - How does it work

Parents entering the site are encouraged to use a smart system that enables relevant information collection. The information collected is analyzed and sent to you a neat and organized intake report containing the highlights of the information clearly integrating well with the additional information you collect, and in the summary report you forward to the parents. 

In a relevant medical and developmental history report:

Pregnancy and Birth

Health status, disease and system review

Past examinations and inquiries

Family history

Developmental Survey

On any of the issues, if there are any findings worthy of special attention, the system automatically detects them and highlights them for you.

The developmental survey examines the child's performance in relation to his peers in the following areas:

Gross motor skills

A fine motor



Daily functions

In each of the tasks the parent is asked to evaluate the child according to the following scale:

Better than others his age, like others his age, slight difficulty, medium difficulty, very high difficulty.

Another option is "irrelevant" if the parent thinks the task is irrelevant for the child.

The report is now filled by parents only, but we will soon be able to get information from the educational staff as well.

Please note, in order to maintain the patient's information security, our system does not retain identifying information of the patient, but when submitting the report parents are invited to add information and personal explanation for you. They also receive an account number to identify the child.

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