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At this age kids start choosing favorite foods and staying away from others. You will notice that what is a favorite food one day can be unbearable the next, and the food your child spits out every day is suddenly their favorite! It is very common at this age for children to eat the same two or three foods every day for a certain amount of time. Don’t give up! It’s important to keep offering healthy foods to your children. Remember that today's preferences aren’t necessarily tomorrow’s. In the end, this behavior settles down and your child will find things they like in a wider variety of foods. Give your children healthy food that they can hold and eat by themselves such as fruits or small pieces of toast.


Remember that before the age of 4, there is a higher chance of choking, so never give your child something small enough for them to swallow whole and block their airway. That means to stay away from cooked carrots, big pieces of sausage, whole grapes, cherries with pits, candies, peanuts and other nuts.

Even when your child grows up, it’s a good idea to sit next to them when they eat. Allow them to join the dinner table at family dinners. Use these meals to give an example of healthy habits that you want to offer your kids for life.


Last updated: May 2017

Authors - Judah Freedman BA MED, Dr. Yair Sadaka MD Ph.D., pediatrician, Pediatric neurologist


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