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Cow’s-milk-based formulas

For example, Similac (Top, Advance Plus), Materna (Dairy, Extra care), Optimil, Nutrilon.


These infant formulas are the most commonly used for healthy babies born after a full-term pregnancy and without an allergy to cow’s milk protein. Although commercials brands will try to claim differently, there is no substantial difference between the different products.

The milk protein is altered to make it easier to digest and other ingredients are added in order to make the formula resemble the mother’s breast milk as much as possible.

This formula is based on the proteins, carbohydrates, and fat that are found in cow’s milk, that are processed in the production of the formula. The amount of protein is decreased in these formulas and the composition of the fatty acids is changed (an addition of plant oils lowers the percentage of saturated fat). Most formulas are iron-fortified and contain vitamin supplements. Some have an addition of LC PUFA, nucleotides and probiotics.


The formulas are usually divided into three stages:

The first stage from birth to the age of six months

The second stage from the age of six months to one year

The third stage from the first birthday to three years

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