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Physical activity

It is never too early to start!

We know he still can’t run or jump, but it is best to have active game time during the day. Play with him on a mattress and place games in a distance of 40-50 cm away, so that he will learn to move towards them and hold them, by that improving his motor skills and strength.

Avoid watching TV and screens in general. By the age o two years babies don’t learn from TV shows, even if they are labeled as educational and age appropriate, and they might even slow his lingual development.

Babies that watch TV for two hours a day or longer are at risk of suffering from obesity, sleep disturbances and etc.    

Last updated: May 2017

Authors - Tamar Sudry BA MED, Dr. Yair Sadaka MD PhD, pediatrician, Pediatric neurologist



The Israeli ministry of health

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