Remote therapy guidelines and aids

Interested in remote therapy? 

Let’s begin, we’re here to help you with whatever is necessary. We’ll show you how to use our system, and how to prepare for a a successful therapy session. In addition, we have collected material that will help you throughout the session. Interested in advertising your own material? Send it to us , and we will share it with other users. Help us create a supportive community to improve the quality of our children’s healthcare.

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Successful sessions

Remote therapy can be very comfortable for therapists and patients, but can take some getting used to. Here are a few rules to follow in order to guarentee a successful session.

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Send questionnaires

Prepare for the therapy session using our advanced tools. The system will collect relevant information from parents and educational staff members, analyse the data and send you a smart report with a medical history, the child’s abilities and disabilities , while emphasising areas in need of special attention

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Professional material

We have collected material for each discipline that can help you throughout your session. Want to advertise your own material? Send it to us , and we will share it with other users