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At this stage, your child will start exploring his environment. Home is usually thought to be a safe environment, but it is easy to miss certain things that require precautions. Now is the perfect time to change a few things around the house, that will make it safer for your child.

  • Windows - you must install grating or a device that will limit the window opening to 10 cm.

  • You must store dangerous materials such as cleaning products away from the child’s reach by placing them in high or locked cabins. Don’t forget to put medications back to where they belong right after you finish using them, and don’t place them in your bag or on the desk since these are reachable places.

  • Balcony - if you have a balcony at your home keep it as safe as possible, by installing a banister at least ⅓ meters high.

  • Install a small gate at the entrance to each stairway to prevent access.

  • Safe taps - you can install special accessories on the water system and taps of the house, that will prevent the temperature from rising above 50 Celsius degrees.

  • Try putting the kettle away from an accessible area, placing it closer to the wall thus preventing possible accidents.

  • Add accessories to prevent the doors from slamming.

  • Fire safety - install at-least two fire hazard alarms, preferably one in the kitchen and one in the child’s room area. Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher (preferably in the kitchen area) and an emergency phone number at an accessible place.


These safety instructions are relevant throughout the year. In addition, there are some extra precautions you should pay attention to during the winter:

  • Be careful while drinking hot beverages such as tea, coffee or soup. You must place the drinking glasses on high tables and in the center of the table, away from the children’s reach.

  • When heating the house remember to use only safe devices, such as air condition or a radiator, and limit it to 50 Celsius degrees. Avoid using spiral or gas ovens that might cause a fire or burns.

  • Avoid drying your clothes on heating devices, keep them away from flammable objects like blankets, curtains, and sofas.

  • Don’t use laptops on a soft mattress because they need their ventilation openings.


Have a warm and safe winter :)

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