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Your child is getting closer and closer to his first birthday!

With each passing day you will learn that he is more independent, can already sit by himself, stand up with the assistance of an object such as a chair, and can even stand up without support for a few seconds. His independence also manifests in his ability to eat by himself and drink from a bottle, without any help. His gentle motor skills keep improving, and soon he will be able to hold small objects using his thumb and two fingers.

In the lingual field, you will learn that if you have a conversation with your child he will respond properly, either by using a few words that he has learned or by mumbling what sounds like words. He will respond if you call his name, even if it is beyond the range of his vision, and he can understand simple orders. This is the time to improve this understanding by exposure to new instructions through games, such as: where is mom or dad? Clap your hands, wave hello and many more. These games will expand his vocabulary and you will both enjoy any success he demonstrates.

In the social field, you can see that he distinguishes between you and the rest of the environment, his reaction towards you as his parents is different from his reaction to the rest of the family, friends or other new people. Most of the times he will be suspicious and shy when introducing new people and while examining their presence, he will stay close to you since around you he feels safe and loved.

His inner investigator keeps growing and developing. Now he examines every new object not only with his mouth but also with his hands, by shaking and dropping it, smacking it on the floor etc. in addition to that, he seeks and finds hidden games that are found within the play box or under the table, providing him with constant new attractions.

Each child develops at his own pace, therefore it is important that you remember that the milestones described earlier are meant to provide a general idea regarding the average developmental rate, but if your child develops in a slightly different pace there is no reason to worry. However, if your child has reached the age of one year and hasn’t achieved the following milestones it is recommended that you consult your pediatrician:

Sits by himself

Holds small objects with his fingers

Eats by himself

Makes sounds in conversation

Understands simple instructions

Responds to the sound of his name

Says one word or makes significant sounds

Responds differently to his parents than the rest of his environment



Last updated: May 2017

Authors - Tamar Sudry BA MED, Dr. Yair Sadaka MD Ph.D., pediatrician, Pediatric neurologist



The Israeli ministry of health

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