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One year to a year and a half

Congratulations! Can you believe it’s been a whole year?

The past months have been full of changes and excitement and the upcoming months will be even more interesting!

Health first - around your child's first birthday you should visit your pediatrician for vaccines and now that your child is older, he might be scared of the shots. You can read more about how to make the experience easier.

Even more important - which new attractions should you expect in the next three months? They will slowly start walking around the house, first with your help and later on their own. You may notice that they absorbed things you said in the last year and they will begin to say new words, some correctly and some in a way that will make you lough and fall in love.

There are many more changes regarding their development, food preferences and sleep habits.


In the following pages you will find information that will answer these questions and more.

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